How our fairytale began….


My Dear Little Poppet,

I know the day will come when my stories will embarrass you & you will beg me to stop talking – so before you get to that age, I want to tell you about how Daddy & I got to where we are today.

20th April 2015

Daddy saw my profile on a dating site and was mesmerised by my charm, humour and good looks (ok I may be exaggerating slightly, I don’t know – you’ll have to ask Daddy about this one) – so he sent me a message today hello. After only a couple of messages back and forward, he told me I would fall madly in love with him (was so confidant).  After a week of non stop messages and 3 hour phone calls we decided it was time for our first “meeting” (I was too nervous to call it a date!).

26th April 2015

We decided we would meet up at Nobby’s Beach at Newcastle & bring out dogs for a play (protection more like it!) Daddy has a beautiful Doberman named Dozer & I have a gorgeous Staffy named Boss.

Now little poppet, I just wanted to add that although our boys may seem big & scary,                             let me tell you a secret…..                                                                                                                                           Boss & Dozer are the biggest sooks you will ever meet & they will love and protect                                  you like the big brothers they are. 

We walked the dogs then sat down for a rest & a chat….. it didn’t take long before we realised just how much we had in common and how similar our personalities were! We talked and laugh all afternoon and I still remember driving home with Boss, asleep over my lap – feeling like I was on cloud 9! I knew I had met someone very special and was hoping Daddy felt the same way. On the way home I got a text message from Daddy saying he had a great time and asking when we can’t catch up again… so I got my answer – Daddy liked me too! YAY!

April-July 2015

We both knew very early on we had found our soulmate & within a few weeks we had fallen in love and spoken about moving in together, marriage and children.

For the next few months we went on dates, had adventures with our dogs, hung out, laughed and talked non stop about our hopes dreams and plans for the future. Yep, Daddy was right…. I fell madly in love with him (and the best thing was, he loved me back!).

This was one of our very first photos together  in May 2015.


19th July 2015

Now this day was one of the most exciting (and exhausting) days of my life! Daddy moved in with me! We were both so excited (and slightly nervous) to finally be living together and starting our life together. Finally the house felt like a home. Our home.

Dozer & Boss had battles to find top dog & Boss would chase and try to eat Boots the Cat – But we got there in the end and all the animals realised they were family & had no chance but to get along!

23rd October 2015

Now my little Poppet, this was the most beautiful day of my life (well I’m pretty sure the day you are born will top this – don’t tell Daddy though!). Daddy asked me to marry him & of course I said yes! Daddy had already bought me an engagement ring (which was amazing) and had sneakingly gone to my parents a few days before to ask for permission to marry me – obviously they approved cause here we are today!

We went to Sydney for the night and decided to go for a walk to Mrs Mac’s chair, in the Botanical Gardens, then we were going to go to dinner. Now I feel very bad about this part – I wore my dress and flat sandals (not walking shoes) and after walking around for what felt like hours I started whinging about my feet being sore. Little did I know that the reason we were walking around so much was that Daddy was trying to find the perfect place to ask me to marry him!!!!! He found a spot and said “lets have a break here” – I was ecstatic with this news as my feet were killing me, so I sat down and the next minute Daddy is on one knee with the most stunning ring I have ever seen in his hands, asking me to marry him! Although we had spoken about marriage I had no idea he was planning this, especially so soon into our relationship. I was so shocked, excited and overwhelmed I started crying and asked if he was serious, then of course said YES!!!! It was the most amazing night of my life. I have never felt so loved before and knowing he had gone to so much trouble finding the most perfect ring, asking my parents and planning to ask me in the Botanical Gardens…. it was perfect!

Always remember your worth little poppet. You are worthy of love and happiness.                               You deserve the BEST. Do not ever settle for anything less then the very best. 



And so, my little Poppet, that is our story – but before I go, I just want to share with you a text message I sent to Daddy only 2 weeks after we started dating. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend my life with.


“There comes a time in someones life, when the standards are raised and all they want is for it to just feel right. When you crave the same love and affection you have to give and know your other half must be out there somewhere.                                                                                                                       When the stars align perfectly and someone watching over us, looks down upon us and guides us to each other. When our paths not only cross, but become one. Where our future hopes and dreams finally become a reality. When you just want someone to gets you, loves you, accepts you & wants to share their life with you. When you look at that person and see yourself in them. You see your past hurts, your same fears, hopes and dreams & see your future together.                                                                                                                                              The standards have not only been raised, but you have exceeded my expectations. You are everything I need, want and love. I hope we can create and amazing life together.”

Love always,

Mummy xxxx


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